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Firehawk Hood

Firehawk Hood

Cataclysm   Requires Level 85   Item Level 391   epic

Binds when picked up
Armor: Head (Cloth)
Classes: Mage

+1,211  Armor
+400  Intellect
+689  Stamina
+262  Haste Rating
+288  Mastery Rating
 Meta Socket
 Red Socket
Socket Bonus: +30 Intellect

Set: Firehawk Robes of Conflagration (5)
Firehawk Gloves
• Firehawk Hood
Firehawk Leggings
Firehawk Mantle
Firehawk Robes

2 Piece Bonus: You have a chance to summon a Mirror Image to assist you in battle for 15 sec when you cast Frostbolt, Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, or Arcane Blast.
4 Piece Bonus: Your spells have an increased chance to trigger Brain Freeze or Hot Streak. In addition, Arcane Power decreases the cost of your damaging spells by 10% instead of increasing their cost.

Worth 19 55 16 when sold to vendors.

Instant Score

An index of item usefulness determined by class and spec-specific stat priorities. Assumes optimal gems. Higher scores are better.


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