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Immolation Breastplate

Immolation Breastplate

Cataclysm   Requires Level 85   Item Level 391   epic

Binds when picked up
Armor: Chest (Plate)
Classes: Paladin

+3,762  Armor
+420  Intellect
+311  Spirit
+689  Stamina
+259  Critical Strike Rating
 Blue Sockets
Socket Bonus: +20 Intellect

Set: Regalia of Immolation (5)
• Immolation Breastplate
Immolation Gloves
Immolation Greaves
Immolation Headguard
Immolation Mantle

2 Piece Bonus: Healing with Holy Shock has a 40% chance to grant you 6% of your base mana.
4 Piece Bonus: Your Divine Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Light spells also heal an injured target within 15 yards for 10% of the amount healed.

Worth 27 92 when sold to vendors.

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