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Erupting Volcanic Spaulders

Erupting Volcanic Spaulders

Cataclysm   Requires Level 85   Item Level 391   epic

Binds when picked up
Armor: Shoulder (Mail)
Classes: Shaman

+2,044  Armor
+322  Agility
+513  Stamina
+213  Expertise Rating
+220  Hit Rating
 Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +10 Agility

Set: Volcanic Battlegear (5)
Erupting Volcanic Cuirass
Erupting Volcanic Grips
Erupting Volcanic Helmet
Erupting Volcanic Legguards
• Erupting Volcanic Spaulders

2 Piece Bonus: Your Lava Lash gains an additional 5% damage increase per application of Searing Flames on the target.
4 Piece Bonus: Your Stormstrike ability also causes the target to take 6% increased damage from your Fire Nova, Flame Shock, Flametongue Weapon, Lava Burst, Lava Lash, and Unleash Flame abilities.

Worth 19 55 16 when sold to vendors.

Instant Score

An index of item usefulness determined by class and spec-specific stat priorities. Assumes optimal gems. Higher scores are better.


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